Başkentray response from TCDD to İzzet Çetin

Başkentray response from TCDD to İzzet Çetin
CHP Ankara Deputy Izzet Cetin, Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Binali Yildirim 20 April asked two questions.
Başkentray: Judgment process continues
Demirspor: Donation allegations are absurd
TCDD Press-Public Relations Consultant Mehmet Aycı posted the following statement:
Mek 1 - Başkentray project is delayed due to judicial process. TCDD has no effect and defect in the delay of the project. The project has been tendered and the tender commission formed by the experts has completed the evaluation and the Public Procurement Authority has approved the decision of the tender commission. However, due to the lawsuits filed by the firms against the decision of the Public Procurement Board, the judicial process has begun. TCDD waits for the completion of the judicial process. The delay of Başkentray is mostly caused by railways and railways.
2- How Ankara Demirspor's management will be formed is stated in the club's legislation. Since its inception, the management has consisted of railway and ministry personnel. Serving Turkish Sports since 1932, Ankara Demirspor is a serious and well-established organization. All kinds of financial and administrative actions of the club are subject to supervision and the rumors of T neighborhood gossip indeki are not only worn by the TCDD but also by the Turkish sports community.
There is no sponsorship agreement between 3- TCDD and Ankara Demirspor.
4- The club management, which consists entirely of public officials, assigns duties in the tasks defined in the club's statute. Within the scope of this duty distribution, M. Selim Karaman is the only football branch manager of the club and has no other financial / administrative duties and authority.
5- It is unfair, unfounded and ugly claims that the club management is in contact with TCDD tender firms and that Ankara Demirspor can get claims from companies under the name of donations. Ankara Demirspor Club, club executives consisting of TCDD senior staff members, this ugly brokerage claim, the claimant is returning. The conditions under which the club will accept donations and grants are defined by the regulation.
6- TCDD pays the payers of the creditor from within its legal period. The claim that the receivables of the contractor were paid ve instantly ecek for donations to Demirspor is too absurd and disgusting.
7- M. Selim Karaman's role in the ministry is a task that is justified by public examination. Karaman is a graduate of the Robert College and METU Department of Materials Engineering and holds a master's degree in METU. Turkey has been xnumx'ci kpss'de in the area. The ministry started its duty as a result of KPSS score based evaluation.
Ankara Demirspor Club President Nuğman Yavuz also received the following answer:
Ir Ankara Demirspor Club makes rent payments to TCDD for its rented facilities. The club is a sports club with a separate legal personality subject to the Associations Law. It is not a unit connected to TCDD.
- Ankara Demirspor does not have any sponsorship agreement with TCDD.
- Ankara Demirspor Club Management consisted of the employees of TCDD and the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications as a result of the election held at the general assembly. All income and expenses of the club are officially recorded, and there is no informal money entry into the club under donations or other names.
With the sponsorship agreements made with some firms within the scope of the Laws and Regulations, income can be obtained against the advertisement.

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