Heavy words from TCDD to İZBAN

Heavy words from TCDD to İZBAN
TCDD, İZBAN-Karşıyaka-Menemen in the press about the construction of the underpass in the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu made statements on the news based on statements. In the İZBAN Project carried out with the cooperation of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, TCDD; underpass and overpass construction was made by the Metropolitan Municipality was reminded.

The statement gives the following information: “In this context Karşıyaka- Underpass and overpasses on the route will be constructed by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality within the framework of the same protocol. During the construction of the road, the existing line was closed to traffic in accordance with the protocol in order for İzmir Metropolitan Municipality to make underpasses and overpasses. This period was exceeded when 2 was closed for traffic, and the line was closed to traffic for 4 years for the municipality to complete the work. During this period, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality did not construct overpasses and overpasses. After the line was opened to traffic, the project of 5 underpass was prepared by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality and sent to our organization for approval. The projects have been approved by our organization provided that the necessary security measures are taken and the constructions are carried out in accordance with art and science rules. However, collapses occurred due to lack of necessary measures and ground surveys in the underpasses where the tender and construction of the two started. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality requested the construction conditions to be safe. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality did not fulfill these demands and again the construction of the underpasses was stopped by the municipality. ”The delay was entirely caused by this process.

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