TCDD renews tracks in Kars

📩 27/11/2018 16:44

Within the scope of the 2013 year work program, TCDD started 112 kilometers of railway renovations in Kars.

The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD), the scope of the work program 2013 years 112 kilometer railway renovation work began in Kars. TCDD Erzurum 45.Yol Maintenance and Repair Manager Ugur Sahin, AA correspondent, said in a statement since the 1969 Erzurum-Kars train line has done no work, he said.

Sahin, who started the road renovation work in 2011 TCDD, said: arasında 2011 53 2012 in 105 kilometers, 2013 in the Köprüköy-Sarıkamış Çatak until the position of the XNUMX mileage railway renewed. As part of the XNUMX year work program, we have started work on the Sarıkamış-Çatak site X.

The target of the 6 months during the period of Çatak Çukak station to finish the work until the Doğukapı station Sahin, said:

Iyor During these operations, the 12-meter rails are removed and instead, 108-meter rails are installed. The new 108 meter rails are mounted on 250 paved concrete sleepers after the wooden sleepers we assemble on the old rails. Eski

Sahin, 80 worker, 9 officer, 7 operator and 3 technical staff said that the task, machine equipment as 3 oscillator, 1greyder, 1 cylinder, 1 rail vehicle and 2 road repair vehicle in the road, adding that the tool added. Ahmet Arslan in the ongoing repairs of the railroads Sarikamis connected to the village of Çatak.

Arslan, who received information about the work from the authorities, said that the rails on the 112-kilometer road line were replaced by 39-track rails and the wooden sleepers were replaced by concrete sleepers, and that the rails were made more modern, much more beautiful and suitable for today's technology.
Deputy Arslan was given a plaque for his support to TCDD studies.

Source: Star Newspaper

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