TCDD General Manager Süleyman Karaman: Strengthening the Railways Enables Us to Look Forward to the Future (PHOTO GALLERY)

📩 08/05/2013 13:02

General Director of TCDD Süleyman Karaman, International Railways Association (UIC) Regional Board for Regional Development (RAME) 11. The General Managers made important statements in the meeting. Karaman, a century ago built and brought closer to the peoples of the region from Anatolia to Baghdad, Istanbul to the holy land of iron networks from the importance of gaining the importance of looking forward to the future, he said.

TCDD Chairman of the Board and General Manager Süleyman Karaman has been headed by 2007 since the 11. The General Managers' Meeting was held at 5-6 May 2013 in Isfahan, Iran.

In the two-day program, the first meeting of the Assistants Group was held. At the meeting of the assistants group held at 5 May 2013 under the direction of TCDD Deputy General Manager İsmet Duman, the topics on the agenda of General Managers Group were discussed and submitted to the approval of the General Managers.

6 is the General Director of UIC General Manager, UIC Middle East Coordinator, General Director of Iran Railways (RAI), CEO of Qatar Railway Company, General Manager of Jordan Aqaba Railways, Jordan Hicaz Railways Director, Iraq Railways General Manager, Syrian Hicaz Railways General Manager, RAME Regional Office representatives, Metra and NIROO railway companies representatives attended.

The meeting began with the opening speeches of RAME President and General Director of TCDD Süleyman Karaman, Deputy Minister of Transportation of Iran and RAI Chairman Abdol Ali Saheb-Mohammadi and UIC General Manager Jean Pierre Loubinoux. TCDD General Manager Süleyman Karaman started his speech by thanking the host Iranian Railways and the member administrations attending the organization. Karaman, who stated that it is important to attach great importance to the railroads and make investments after being neglected in the Middle East for a long time, with the hope that the iron networks extending from the Anatolia to Baghdad, which brought the peoples of the region closer, to the holy land he noted. Turkey, Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia Referring to railway projects ongoing construction of Karaman, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Oman, the linking project countries of the region such as Bahrain, he said will improve rail transport in these countries in future years 10.

During the meeting, RAME members made presentations on the railway developments in their own countries. The presentation about the railway in our country was made by İsmet Duman, the Assistant General Manager.

The meeting also covered RAME regional office activities, the 2013-2014 Action Plan, the 2013 RAME budget, and new membership for the UIC from the region. Afghanistan Railways officials who could not attend the meeting stated their desire to become a member of RAME. In addition to other decisions; In the 2013 in Turkey "1. . Rail Systems and Technology Workshop ”and ılar Railway Safety and Security Seminar ', Iran ılığı Railway / Port Cooperation Seminar” and eri Rail and Oil Transportation Conference İran In Qatar, it was decided to organize activities such as Güvenlik Investors Forum Ray. Future RAME meeting 12 November 2013 decided to be held in Amman, Jordan.

Source: TCDD


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