Download the destination train to Trabzona

Download the destination train to Trabzona
Transport, Maritime and HavingDeputy Minister Yahya Baş“Right now, our goal is to land the railway to Trabzon. Studies on this continue. So there is no clear decision. It is one of those decisions you said. In the study you mentioned, the railway in question divides into two after Torul, one leg is to Tirebolu and the other leg is to Trabzon. These are projects, projects. There are even other alternatives. It has Araklı throat, it is from Rize. There are various studies such as Bayburt-Of direction. Universities make these and bring them. We will consider all of them. One of them will be decided under the supervision of our Prime Minister. There is a truth. This railroad job will be done, but now the only thought is where and when to do it. This currently has neither a clear schedule nor a clear line. This bill is being worked on. Even finer studies are being done. Line work has been done. Now, studies such as which one will cost how much, how open and how many tunnels there are, what is the viaduct situation. All of them will be determined one by one and the most suitable one will be implemented. The predominant view is in this direction. Maybe one foot will be done and one foot will be done later. However, in any case, this planned railway works will be completed and implemented soon ”.



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