Svilengrad railway line between the border with Turkey has been renewed

Svilengrad railway line between the border with Turkey has been renewed
The program is funded by the European Transport Svilengrad - 18-kilometer railway line between Turkey renewed entered service limit. With the completion of this project, the project was also the first railway project to be fully completed in the country. On the railway where the electricity line is completely renewed, the locomotives will be able to speed 160 km per hour. A new railway bridge over the river Meriç was built within the project, which cost 70 million leva. The railway bridge with a total length of 433 meters and 7 meters is also the longest railway bridge in the country. Prime Minister Marin Raykov and Transport Minister Kristian Krushev opened the newly renovated railway line. officials from Turkey also attended the opening. Prime Minister Raykov, 43 expressed satisfaction with the renewal of the renewed line for years, thanks to everyone who contributed to the first completed railway project. Transport Minister Krishev said that Bulgaria would want more resources with confidence for the purchase of new locomotives and wagons in the new European financing program thanks to such successful projects.

Thanks to the project completed by the Czech company OHL ZS about 3 annually, the project envisages the reduction of railway infrastructure maintenance costs, safe transportation and reduction of environmental pollution by replacing diesel locomotives with electric wagons. Completed lines, forms part of the Plovdiv-Svlengrad-Turkey border line. Last year's route to Plovdiv-Dimitrovgrad was completed.

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