Chairman Diver Inspects Road and Asphalt Works

Tekirdağ Mayor Op. Dr. Together with Adem Dalgic, Deputy Mayor Sinan Çetiz and Municipal Council Member Ali Kılıç, he received information about the ongoing and to-do works of the Science and Directorate's road and asphalt works in various parts of the city.
Chairman Dalgic, who first supervises the asphalting activities on the Beach Subway, said, “We have come to the end of our road arrangement works on the beach subway. Finally, we also completed our denim work and started asphalting. With the completion of asphalt works in this region, which is one of the distressed places, we will make the road look brand new. ”
After making some examinations for the junction to be held against the Sailing Club, President Dalgic went to Hürriyet Mahallesi and received information from the authorities regarding the 25-meter bridge and road arrangements to be made on the road passing by Fatih Anatolian High School. Expressing that they have created brand new boulevards and streets in Hürriyet Mahallesi, President Dalgic said, “By constructing a 25-meter bridge over the region where the creek passes, we will make an enormous bridge and road arrangement in this region with the road arrangement and the road arrangement. . The Science Directorate teams continue their work in this region. We will renew all our roads in 2013 ”. Deputy President Av. Nevim Kaçar accompanied him.

Source: Channel59

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