Rail Laying Works On High Speed ​​Train

Rail Laying Works On High Speed ​​Train
The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD), implemented by the High Speed ​​Train Project in Sakarya work in progress at full speed.

While the rails between Geyve and Arifiye were made suitable for high-speed trains, the trucks carrying the rails were brought to Arifiye in the company of traffic teams.

The dubs on the road routes were lifted in order to make the trucks carrying the rails that are quite long. In the face of the bus station, the trucks were given the reverse route.

Mayor İsmail Karakullukçu said, “Arifiye is the intersection point of all roads. It is a quiet, calm and peaceful settlement where green and blue, nature and industry are intertwined. Our district is showing a very serious development with the investments made recently. The High Speed ​​Train project, which will open a new era in the transportation between Adapazarı and Arifiye, has become the gateway of Sakarya with the Intercity Bus Station. We believe that this dynamism will contribute greatly to the economic and social life in our district. We expect our district population, which is currently around 44 thousand, to increase by fifty percent in ten years and reach sixty thousand. For this reason, we are in an effort to provide a regular structuring in Arifiye by revising all our infrastructure, road, water, sewage and zoning plans in this direction. Because we have made all the investments that people will need. This will increase the value of our district and people's interest in Arifiye. We, as the Municipality, have to be prepared for this, ”he said.

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