Bursaray will reach Gürsu and Kestele as soon as possible

Bursaray will reach Gürsu and Kestele as soon as possible: Altepe evaluated its 4-year performance at a press conference held at the "Timsah Arena" stadium of 45 thousand people under construction.

Altepe, 4 kilometer rail system, 26 historical and cultural heritage, 151 historical and cultural heritage, 102 sports facility, 410 kilometer road and 225 million liras they said that they were expropriating, and that this was a multiple of 20 before them.

Stating that "We spent 4 billion liras for Bursa in 3 years", Altepe gave information that they are planning to invest 1 billion lira next year.

Altepe stressed that they do not have a delayed debts and make payments due on the day of the day, said:

“Service has no politics. We know the expectations of Bursa, what the people miss, what they expect. We are very excited for Bursa. We do not have any difficulties in producing projects. We have implemented 730 projects so far. Most of these are in the process of being finished. The number of our projects will reach 200 thousand with our new preparations. There is no investment we did not enter. While doing these, we strive to be transparent and not waste even a penny of Bursa. Service is our job.

Altepe, land, sea and air can be reached by drawing attention to the ongoing efforts for a Bursa, the metro line firstly, then reached the University of Labor, as soon as possible and will reach Gursu and Kestel, as well as the first local tram in Bursa they had signed the signature. .

Source : http://www.olay.com.tr



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