Şanlıurfa Rail System Feasibility Studies Started

Urfaya Rail System Good News Route Has Been Determined
Rail System Good News to Urfa! Route Determined

📩 03/01/2023 09:37

The first step was taken to establish a Light Rail System in Şanlıurfa. Ministry of Transport officials started the feasibility study for the Light Rail System. An expert team from the Ministry of Transport, General Directorate of Infrastructure Investments, Harran University Rector Prof. He visited Dr. İbrahim Halil Mutlu in his office.

The Rector expressed his gratitude that the transportation problems of the students should be over as soon as possible and that this problem would increase with the intervention of the hospital in the future. He wished the authorities were quicker and more precise.

In the meetings with the Ministry officials, it is planned to connect to the Osmanbey campus by taking a line from the high speed train line that will come from Gaziantep and go to Diyarbakır. With this project prepared by the Department of Construction and Technical Affairs of Harran University, TOKI, Karaköprü and Airport will have a rail system, and they will be able to move from these districts to the city center by metro.

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