Minibuses want rail system in Şanlıurfa 20 years later

Minibuses want rail system in Şanlıurfa 20 years later
One of the most important problems of Şanlıurfa is the problem of public transportation in the city. The most important issue that every pre-election mayor candidate has taken to the election program and made some promises after the election has not yet found a radical solution.

In these days when we entered the atmosphere of the election in Şanlıurfa, the first election promise to fly in the air was the urban public transportation and rail system. Fakıbaba's solution as a solution to the rail system, who also liked the criticism there. However, the idea was rejected by such a bir

For the students who are the most victim of public transportation in the first place, the rail system considered to be the Osmanbey campus; Cankaya, Karaköprü and Eyyübiye Cooperative Chairman of the criticism caused. 20 year after the presidents who want to think of this system, now too many passengers not to be asked not to do


For many years, the minibusist shopkeepers who used the blood of the passengers in the city center, found the Belsan company founded by the municipality as a competitor against the Şanlıurfa Mayor Ahmet Eşref Fakıbaba and the Urfa Card. Sometimes, the judiciary was rightly deemed by the tradesmen, because of the bad practices that have done previously, some people failed to receive the support of the public. Nevertheless, the minibusists who do not give up continue their press releases and continue to decipher the unfair practices of the municipality. This time, however, the explanation they made against the people of the kind was. The rail system, which was brought up by the first Ahmet Bahçıvan and presented as a solution to the public transportation in the city, has come up as the election promise of Fakıbaba. Public and private companies prefer to stay independent of Urfa Card and known among the public as' minibuses' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '. However, the public considers the system as a radical solution to the transportation system, and then the rail system.


Cankaya, Karaköprü and Eyyübiye Co-operative Presidents made a joint press release, the cost of the projects previously passed to the rail system was presented. Then it was explained why the rail system was opposed and the cost was high. Reminding that the rail system is still a high-cost area, the following statements are given in the written statement: rakam In the province where the land prices are competing with provinces such as Istanbul, the cost of expropriation and machinery costs is lowest. holds an ultra-number. In addition to cost, this is the issue of financing the monetary size. 20 is still in effect. The item laid down in the Development Plan is as follows: yolcu Rail system projects will be planned in the corridors where the demand for the peak hour travel for the year to be opened to operation is expected to be at the minimum 450 thousand passengers / hour in the direction of the opening of the system. In other words, the hourly passenger demand on the route, which is thought to be installed, must be 9 bin, which is allowed for this investment. However, the total population of the Osmanbey campus, which is planned to be built on the rail system, is 15. In the near term, the population of this settlement cannot be considered serious because there is no development permit in the upper and lower parts of the road along the 15 kilometer. On the other hand, the demand for passengers here is reduced by 15 on the weekends. A summer holiday is added to the 20 month of the year, the passenger demand falls 80 percent. In the light of all these explanations, the idea of ​​a rail system on the basis of the Osmanbey campus is not related to reality. However, urban planning and planning in the Toki-Karaköprü-Osmanbey-Yenice regions, which can be called satellite cities, should be planned with a rail system to connect these regions. In the 5 80 Turkey's largest According to Turkstat. The city is expected to be an important project for our city. Eh


The heads of the cooperatives opposed to the rail system sought an answer to the question of what should be done as follows: “When we started from the Osmanbey campus, the most important problem was that the Toki-Osmanbey direct line, Karaköprü-Osmanbey direct line, Eyyübiye-Osmanbey lines were inactive. More precisely, these lines were abolished after the transfer of these vehicles to Belsan A.Ş. These lines were the lines created to go to Osmanbey by making a single payment. Our esteemed rector, who brings up the rail system that may be possible in 4 years in every speech, we wonder if there is a request to the municipality for these lines? Belsan is not within the service logic but money kazanIt does not run buses on these lines, since it operates on a makkah. We have made a press statement on this subject many times, but who is listening? The problem continues in Batıkent section in Karaköprü. Since Belsan works as a monopoly on the direct line no. 73, the public here is condemned to the route no. 73, since the bus service to the Batıkent part is considered only as a cost. In the buses that will work here, they are rested at the bus station and collection centers. As a result, Fakıbaba municipality has also messed up the public transportation business. We are in a chaos environment where they do not know what they are doing with a loss of 24 million TL in 40 months and still 2 million TL per month. The solution proposals that the tradesmen made with their 200 members last month and took them to the municipality to solve the problems were also rejected without even negotiating. This chaos will continue until the new metropolitan municipality comes in the next 10 months.”

From the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Meanwhile, the first step for the establishment of the Light Rail System was laid last week. Transportation Ministry officials came to Sanliurfa to conduct a feasibility study for the Light Rail System. He met with Dr Ibrahim Halil Mutlu in his office. Rector Mutlu stated that the transportation problems of the students should be terminated as soon as possible and that this problem would increase with the introduction of the hospital in the future.

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