Will Samsun railway be improved

📩 27/11/2018 16:35

Will Samsun railway be improved
Deputy Minister of Transport Yahya Baş, said in a statement to the magazine of the Eastern Black Sea Development Agency said that the logistics village should be included in the rail system.
An ordinary statement comes at first glance that the Deputy Minister said. But I think he says something very important, Deputy Minister.

I would like to wonder how the Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Transportation of Samsun Logistics is attached to a national network.

Our air transport is improving. You know we have a cargo unit at the airport. It is operated by a subway company. It can be seen as an idle structure for now. It doesn't matter to me. Especially in Samsun, when the food industry starts to work in full, that is, all the factories will need a lot of shipping when they smoke a chimney.

Those who travel by air also know. Covered agriculture is developing on Wednesday. When I saw the row greenhouses, I thought we would soon catch Antalya. In this respect, the cargo unit at the airport will be engaged in the future and will contribute to the development of the Samsun economy.

I know that the capacity to handle the port is improved.

As the Deputy Minister said, we cannot use the sea transportation properly.

I agree with the Deputy Minister's view that the logistics should be connected to the village's rail network.

And but

I think the deputy minister is not in office.

The Deputy Minister is the person who will provide this practice.

Maybe he thought he couldn't afford it. I think he's sending a message to our politicians.

Samsun has been demanding the Samsun - Sivas Railway to be connected to Ankara via Kırıkkale for a long time.

I think this is an opportunity.

I think it should be good rating.

If Samsun - Sivas Railway is connected to Ankara, the line will be improved first.

Thus, the High-Speed ​​Train Project may also be on the agenda again. I think this statement is an opportunity to concentrate on this subject, especially the members of Samsun Platform.

Come on, Samsun!

Source: RAGIP GÖKER - Hedefhalk.com

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