Road Safety and Traffic Week

Kırklareli Governor Mustafa Yaman, the only way to combat the traffic monster reported that the traffic rules.
Yaman, Road Safety and Traffic Week in the message published in the message, one of the most important issues of the community traffic safety, he said. Yaman said there were casualties in traffic accidents due to traffic violations.
“With the rapidly increasing number of vehicles, the traffic problem has also increased. Thousands of people die in traffic accidents every year in our country. The only way to combat the traffic monster is by following traffic rules. It is impossible to prevent traffic accidents only with detective methods. Everyone should believe this and want the habit of obeying traffic rules for their own safety. With the activities to be organized in our city during the traffic week, it is aimed to fulfill the duties and responsibilities of everyone in creating individual and social awareness and traffic awareness, and to minimize the number of those who die and benefit from traffic accidents.

Source: mynet



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