Rize Railway and Regional Development

Rize Railway and Regional Development: II.Rize development symposium imi The Importance of Railways in the Development of Rize Demiryolu I present to you the appeal.

Although the issue of the railway comes to the agenda from time to time, it is obvious that there is no serious leap forward.

The Batumi railway is connected to the Caucasus and the railways extending to Central Asia. As is known, China and India tend to rise rapidly in economic terms.

In this study, which is the subject of Rize-Batumi railway project, we should firstly express the Rize-Batum railway project.

Our province is located in the north-east of the country, migration, there is no serious income other than tea is a place. It is not preferred for the investor because it is far away from the main centers. Investments to the region are also shifting to neighboring provinces that see themselves as the locomotive of the region.

The fact that industrial investments in Rize has not been made up to this day can turn into disadvantage. Because industrial wastes are not polluted. After this stage, heavy industrial investments are not required. It does not have the geography where these investments can be made. We need to focus on this percentage of logistics services.

In the case of the arrival of Batumi Railway to Rize, an international port to be built in Rize Port or İyidere-Of Region will be the center of import and export. Logistics Village is also foreseen as a subject to be studied.

Apart from these, the advantages that the railway will bring to the region can be listed as follows;

It is a known fact that Batumi and PotiLimans are not safe. For this reason, Hopa and Rize Ports may be the preferred ports.

Raw material supply from China and India and Central Asia will be much easier and cheaper.

At the same time, the relations with the Central Asian countries in this way can be increased to the upper level.

Rize, which is economically strong, will now begin to receive immigration, and it will be possible for those who migrate from the region to return to their lands.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan University, which is located in the region, can become a preferred university especially for Turkic Republics.

In the context of tourism, our natural beauties and plateaus will become candidates for being the favorite centers.

In this sense, quality development will be ensured and protected in the environment.

Rize-Batum Railway's technical and cost size will be considered;

The distance between Rize and Batumi is 120 km. In the light of the costs in the first section, the average cost of this route is 500 Million dollars. Of course, only Rize - Batum is not enough to be laid.

Ray standards differ. For this reason, it is important to provide financial support to Georgia in order to integrate with our country standards. At the same time, the necessary maintenance and repair costs should be supported.

Why should we contribute to the integration, maintenance and repair of the Georgian railway for a moment? a question may be asked. In the period after 1950 above, foreign aid provided to our country should be remembered. Rize- Batumi railway to Central Asia, perhaps you need to provide the maximum contribution of Turkey to link China and India. In addition to the benefit to be provided in the future, this support is expected to remain very small.

Initially Hopa and Rize port of the Black Sea coast from a branch railway route has increased function follow-up to Istanbul, so it will be Turkey's inland with connections from Europe to yet another arm and arm. Turkey will become a strategic corridor for rail in this way.

As a result;

Railway security, environment, land use, noise, energy consumption and infrastructure, maintenance and operating costs in terms of the road is much more advantageous. Rail Rize is considered as an investment in economic, social, cultural terms.

The feasibility studies of the Rize-Batumi railway should be started as soon as possible and the post-Batumi railway network should also be taken.

Railway is a strategic investment for Rize. Railway is the future investment. For this reason, a Rize who wants to skip a development class should turn his face to the east by rail.

Av Harun Mertoğlu

Former President of Rize Bar Association

Source: Rizenin Sesi

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