Put an end to dissolution!

Put an end to dissolution!
To talk about problems…
Can it go?
To talk about solutions…
Let them go?
The tram services on İncirli Street caused a loss of life. Previously there were damaged and injured accidents, but now there has been loss of life.
There are holistic reasons!
It would be fundamentally wrong to see the reason only as a functioning tram, surrounding vehicles and pedestrians, and to think of criminals or criminals among them.
The rail system is the shaping factor of daily life.
Public administration; The tram is the nightmare of managerial reasons, especially if it does not provide the necessary order and does not carry out supervision, warning and intervening practices.
There is a risk of trams on a narrow street where private vehicles, buses, taxis and minibuses are used extensively.
Fig, in this case!
The occupation of the sidewalks and the roadsides of the tradesmen is the indifference and indifference of the public administration. Pedestrians, while walking on the sidewalk and crossing the other side, have difficulty.
When processing the tram…
Pedestrians are experiencing life safety problems. With the loss of life in Incirli, this situation came up.
Dingo's stables!
At the last stop of the tram in İncirli, rental car trade is carried out and the tram is forced to the passengers.
This situation shows the size of the disgrace.
In accordance with the relevant legislation, the Metropolitan Municipality is in charge of the transportation policy and management of the city. With its own transportation company, it has weighed heavily. There's the Police Department.
In front of the workplaces and roadsides, as well as those who put white goods and sofas, private parking is occupied with chairs.
The disgrace on İncirli Street includes Tayyareci Mehmet Ali Street and extends to Ertuğrulgazi Square.
Governorships and municipalities say görev Livable Bursa ”and“ Trademark City ”disclose duties and responsibilities to the whole city, but…
Government agencies should look at what they cannot and cannot do.
In developed countries, while imposing serious fines and imprisonments, in regular urban life, as well as being conscious, punishment is a factor. In these countries, the rules have integrity and compliance.
In Turkey, however, with its specific conditions and order it continues to be an original country.

Source: Serkan İNCEOĞLU - bursahakimiyet.com.t is



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