Response to Fast Train Criteria in Cyprus

Response to Fast Train Criteria in Cyprus
Semih Kıbrıs, President of the Ankara Duzceliler Association, responds to criticism about the High Speed ​​Train, which will connect the capital of the Ottoman Empire with the capital of the Republic of Ankara. Osman It is not a dream to build a high speed railway station in Düzce. Empty, imaginary, utopian work is not my area of ​​interest, Boş he said.

Association President Semih Cyprus responded in writing to criticisms about High Speed ​​Train. Cyprus said, “It is not unfair and constructive that we cannot understand the reason for shallow words about our works, bragging, imaginary, utopian, empty, desire, coming forward for the upcoming elections, where the project number, if any, no one other than Semih Cyprus knowledgeable. I have come across criticism, though little. In the first presentation of the project, which belongs to us in its finest detail, we explained that an Electric Train line should be built from Adapazarı to Düzce and a train should come to Düzce. We said that Düzce will be the Suburb of Istanbul. This project was found to be high cost, we put it on hold temporarily. Since Ankara Eskişehir Istanbul High Speed ​​Train will be taken in 3 hours. There is a train route from Adapazarı to Istanbul. Here, the last stop in Düzce was said to be beneficial to Düzce. We have to think that the last stop is also the first stop. While we continue to work with a lot of thought and research, we have documented that the fast train with Ankara, Bolu, Düzce, Sakarya, Kocaeli, Istanbul routes passes through the Gölmalıka village, Saçmalıpınar Village. Istanbul, the capital of the Ottoman Empire and Ankara, the capital of the Republic, will meet with a single station in 350 hour and 1 minutes at a speed of 20 kilometers, and a second station will not be built. This speed train should not stop in Adapazarı, but in our Düzce. We said that there should be a station in our Düzce. Of course, those who did not believe entered into the shallow debates I mentioned above. projected to begin in 2014, scheduled for completion in 2018, the Viper prestige project, focused on people, the country benefits, the World Leadership to the descendants of that State Project in befitting our Turkey should be replaced by Düzce Our station is established, the one-stop shop which will be held on the grounds that there should be in Düzce We told. We have patiently shared the truth with the public without compromising our persistent stance, with tolerance, without persistence. ”

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