Remote controlled air vehicles against graphite

Remote controlled air vehicles against graphite
Deutsche Bahn, the national railway company of Germany, has announced that it will try to use small aircraft equipped with cameras to prevent spray-painted graffiti and pictures on trains and other assets.

Deutsche Bahn, the national railway company of Germany, has announced that it will try to use remote control small aircraft to prevent spray-painting graffiti and graffiti on trains and other assets.

It is planned to use records of air vehicles with infrared cameras on the vandals against the courts.

Deutsche Bahn officials announced that the aircraft will soon be used in train depots.

However, it is not yet clear how strict laws against monitoring, listening and following in Germany will affect these plans.

It is reported that the graphite damaged Deutsche Bahn with an annual value of 7,6 million euros.

BBC Berlin reporter Stephen Evans states that tracking people with hidden cameras or surveillance cameras is a very sensitive issue in Germany, where private rights are highly valued.

Google faced tough opposition

When Google started taking pictures of 20 cities in Germany for Street View software three years ago, many opposed viewing their home on the Internet, Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle said he would do everything I could to prevent this.

Faced with a tough opposition, Google has offered an option for those who don't want their home to be seen on the internet and announced that they would post photos of their homes to the details with no details. 200 more than a thousand people, Street View application in their homes by not wanting them to apply, he said.

One Deutsche Bahn sözcüSü, in a statement to the BBC, announced that remotely controlled aircraft will be used in train depots where vandals enter at night and damage wagons.

Precise infrared cameras in aircrafts will be able to record quality images to ensure identification, and these images will be presented to the courts as evidence.

Our correspondent says these cameras will only focus on the Deutsche Bahn warehouses, and that other settlements or residents will not be recorded in the surrounding area. Deutsche Bahn officials thus hope that discussions on the violation of their right to private life will be alleviated.
Euro Hawk canceled

Unmanned aerial vehicles are the subject of controversy in Germany. The Ministry of Defense announced in early May that it had stopped an expensive surveillance vehicle project called Euro Hawk.

It was planned to use the giant aircraft outside the country. However, the air traffic control authorities did not allow the unmanned military aircrafts to collide with civilian air vehicles, which should not enter the German airspace.




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