Raybus will be in Sivas as soon as possible

Raybus will be in Sivas as soon as possible
AK Party Sivas Deputy Mesude Nursuna Memecan, Sivas-Kangal-Divrigi planned to operate between the ramsbüsün said that the city as soon as possible. Memecan, indicating that the work on this issue, said that tourists will be informed about the history and historical structures during the trip.
AK Party Sivas Deputy Mesude Nursuna Memecan, said that the rail journey more comfortable than the road travel, Sivas-Kangal-Divriği between the fast rail to make tourism will contribute to the rail said. Memecan, stating that the studies on this issue continued, said that if the car park shortens the distance and the duration of access to Divriği, the arrival to Divriği will be very easy.
Memecan said, konuş We had previously talked with our undersecretary, Habib Bey. Then he said April-May. Now we can't tell a date when we talk again. We're gonna get you here in the shortest time. Sivas-Divriği distance does not look like any other districts. It's really troubled. And here's a tourist. In other words, the raybuss should be activated as soon as possible. We look forward to the support of our minister. It must be as soon as possible. There are also road works, but no matter how far the highway is, it's not like a train travel road trip. Train travel is more comfortable than the highway. Car travel is tiring no matter how smooth. If it shortens the distance and time, the departure will be very easy. Then it will be very easy to bring tourists. O
In the course of the travels to fast railways, the passengers will be given information about Sivas, Divriği Grand Mosque and Darüşşifa about the Sivas, and said that they will make a full journey to the city.
Memecan, said:
'If we decorate and equip the wagons with the things that will tell the history of the Grand Mosque of Divriği, from here to Divriği,' What is the city of Seljuk, what is the history of the Seljuks? What did Mengücekliler do in Divriği? ' information on these issues will be made. Then the local and foreign tourists will come with much more interest. Where there are restaurants and infrastructure, local food is still available. We talked about this issue with the head of the chamber of chambers and the governor. Tourists who get there, get to know the culture there, get to know the new dishes and see the crafts. I hope this will be within our plans and projects.

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