Railroad project completed

Railroad project completed
GÜMÜŞHANE Deputy Assoc. Dr. Kemallettin Aydın announced that the preliminary project of the tender of Erzincan - Gümüşhane Railway was completed and that the application would be tendered in a short time. Aydin, "the project will be completed within the vision of 2023," he said.

Justice and Development Party (AK Party) Deputy of Gümüşhane Assoc. Dr. Kemalettin Aydın said that the Erzincan-Gümüşhane railroad, the community project was tendered and the project was completed, “The 220-kilometer project will reach the Black Sea coastal road after Kelkit, Gümüşhane and Torul. Hopefully, its application will be tendered in a short time and will be presented to the use of our people within the vision of 2023. ” Turkey Grand National Assembly (Parliament) said taking a day off, the general assembly of the parliament Addressing Deputy Aydin, Gumushane talked about the developments regarding the road transportation of the province. Making statements about the train, Aydın gave the good news that Gümüşhane had achieved what it wanted in terms of the highway and that the airline would be in service.
Aydın said that Gümüşhane, which is at the junction point connecting East Black Sea to Eastern Anatolia and Central Anatolia, has been neglected for years in terms of transportation of highways. "It will have reached a double road and thus, Gümüşhane will be connected to Trabzon, Erzincan and Bayburt, which are neighboring provinces, through a double road.” Aydın, who also noted that the 2002 km city ring road that will pass through the skirts of Kisenkaye from the north of Gumushane, has been tendered. "It has been awarded to 1 million, with a tender price of approximately 27 trillion, and is the biggest tender of Gümüşhane throughout the history of the republic."


Aydın also said about the airport in Gümüşhane: From the perspective of the airport, Salyazı Airport, which was built in 1998, was put into the study project and the airports that were turned into the public will also benefit from this service in Gümüşhane. While 25 airports were used before our government, 49 airports were reached today and the 50th airport will be transported with the permission of our government, as Gümüşhane Salyazı, by Allah's leave. Of course, 120 million was spent on village roads and 7 million on Eastern Black Sea tourism master plan.

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