Railway Transportation Law Will Benefit Exporters

Railway Transportation Law Will Benefit Exporters
Turkey Exporters Assembly Logistics Council Member Bülent Aymen, allowing the railway to invest in the transport infrastructure and the private sector "liberalization of Turkey railways" he said of the law on the pave the way for Turkish exporters.

Aymen, in his written statement, said that the cheapest transportation in exports was made by rail. In the first years of the Republic, 68 stated that the share of rail transport in the entire sector was as follows:

“Today, this share has decreased to 1,5 percent. Due to the shortcomings in the railway infrastructure of our country and the lack of lines suitable for the freight route, railway transportation has ceased to be the preferred mode of transport. The fact that freight costs are above the costs of the countries we compete with is the biggest handicap we encounter while trying to market our goods in the global arena. Therefore, with the amendment made in the railway law, the enactment of the law that allows the private sector to invest in railway transport and infrastructure will pave the way for Turkish exporters. Road and sea transportation costs will provide us with a significant advantage in increasing our market share in our close neighbors by eliminating long convoys at the border and delayed delivery problems.

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