Bus caught on railway bridge

Bus caught on railway bridge
In Ankara, the bus that brought passengers from Bursa was stuck on the railway bridge.

According to the information obtained, the incident took place in Mamak District Mamak Street. The bus with 16 CZJ 25 plate under the management of Nurullah Köse was stuck on the railway bridge. Turan Yıldırım, who was on the bus, stated that after leaving the passengers they brought from Bursa, they used the road described for them and that they got stuck on the bridge because they did not know the way. It took about an hour of work to save the 3.5-meter-high bus trying to cross the three-meter-high bridge. While traffic police took precautions during the works, traffic was given from a single lane on Mamak Street. At the end of the works, the bus was rescued from the stuck bridge. Material damage occurred in the accident.

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