Fast Train Comes to Osmaniye

📩 27/11/2018 16:12

Fast Train Comes to Osmaniye
Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan recently announced that the high-speed train will also come to Konya-Adana-Osmaniye and Gaziantep provinces.We are good news for Osmaniyans but now we need to work on the subject of the route.

Of course, not only the municipality that has a say about the high-speed train route, but also the General Directorate of State Railways should make the necessary efforts. If we recall the problems experienced in the southern ring road; underpass with the road in different places and people can not use the underpass. Especially Karaçay neighborhood suffers from this issue.

Existing railroads also suffer from a lot of neighborhoods. Yesilyurt, Ihsan Goknal, new neighborhood, Dumlupinar and Yunusemre neighborhoods are the most distressed neighborhoods. is dying in an accident. In addition, serious traffic in the city is seriously disrupted. The new state, cemetery and private school in the Toprakkale route will occur serious intensity.

The station remained in the middle of the city. If the station is to be used more intensively by high speed train, the location of the new station will also have to be determined.

Because of the fact that our city is located at the crossroads in many subjects and due to natural difficulties, it causes problems in planning.

Fault lines and pipelines also make planning difficult.

For all these challenges, where should the high speed train line pass? This is the question that needs to be exhausted… A new situation in our city, where there is a lot of problems in transportation, to be prepared for this situation, even if the task of local administrators seems to be early, there is no chance of intervention later.

If necessary, it can be researched in cities that have acquired this experience. Information can be obtained about the problems experienced in cities such as Konya, Eskişehir and Sivas.

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