Metrobus Tunnel Project from Students

📩 27/11/2018 16:19

Metrobus Tunnel Project from Students
Çorlu Şahinler Secondary School students, who are among the projects that prepare projects for TÜBİTAK, developed a BRT tunnel project to reduce traffic density in large cities.

Çorlu Şahinler Secondary School students Tuna Kemal Kayurtar, Berker Karakuş, Sena Şener, İremnur Emir and Canberk Yalçın, metrobus tunnel project prepared by their mentor Murat Çınar.

In the big cities where the traffic is dense, the students who stated that the traffic problem can be solved by the realization of this project: The vehicle will go over the rails to be laid on the roadside. New and top-mounted waiting and boarding places will be built for the Metrobus. It will be prevented from creating environmental pollution by providing electrical operation. The inner tunnel width and height of the vehicle will be determined considering the urban roads and vehicle heights. Ara

Students who gave information about the project to the Governor of Çorlu Hulusi Doğan said: Doğan The project will be used in a functional way. In the studies conducted on the project, the intensity of the metrobus lines is low but the density of the vehicle road is very high. The use of new metrobuses raised above the passenger area can solve the problem, as the road area in this area is used by other vehicles and the lower part of the metrobus is designed to pass through the vehicles. Bur

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