Neolithic scandal

Neolithic scandal
The company, which carries out the construction of Marmaray, entered the region with footprints belonging to the first inhabitants of Istanbul, who lived in Yenikapı during the neolithic period, and 8 years old graves.

Neolithic footprints, 8500 annual tombs and wooden works were found in Yenikapı. In the past days, instead of using the bored pile method to fix the soil in the area where the work tower was demolished, the contractor of the construction of the subway started to destroy the neolithic area. The contractor did not listen to the warnings of the archaeologists. Archaeologists, universities, professional chambers and non-governmental organizations calling out '' Listen to our screams, '' he said.
The Neolithic layer had been found in Yenikapı before and the findings were found to change the history of Istanbul. Among the finds that attracted the attention of the world were the houses and tombs of 8500-first Istanbulites and the tree roots, the oldest wooden canoe in the world.
'Later on'

In addition, the footprints of the first Istanbulites had a great resonance in the world of archeology. After the discovery of the footprints, including the footprints of the Marmaray and subway construction, the excavations were abandoned to be excavated. Prior to the construction of the car park planned here, the archaeologists would continue excavation. However, the construction crane was built on this area in the last days due to the shift of the underlying soil layer, the contractor firm began to operate here with the construction machinery. Neither the Protection Board nor the archaeological museum of the Istanbul Archaeological Museum made the study crazy. Because the excavated area with a work machine was a neolithic layer and perhaps even more new information could be obtained for Istanbul.
Archaeologists who saw the work machinery into the field immediately intervened. But the contractor didn't even listen to the archaeologists. Work continued with the work machine. If the authorities do not interfere, the neolithic period will be completely destroyed.
No charge!

This very important area for Istanbul history will be destroyed and all the finds will be mixed with excavation soil. Archaeologists, who point out that it can be prevented from slipping without digging the soil with work machines, explain that "slipping can be prevented with a 3 - 4 day work with the bored pile method, but they have chosen the excavation road since this situation will be a little expensive for the contractor". The contractor firm, which supports the archeology studies economically, hurries the work and prevents the archaeologists from digging.
Call from archaeologists

Archaeologists appealed to the public with the following text:
Within the scope of Marmaray Metro projects, archaeological salvage excavation is continuing within the framework of the related regulation with the decision of 8 Regional Protection Board for 4 years in Yenikapı. The significant contributions made by the legal framework to the cultural life of Istanbul are known to the public. One of the most important archaeological excavations of the century by the world science authorities in the study of the excavation of the areas of Marmaray and metro stations will not affect the progress of the construction, the only area that does not excavate the construction area of ​​the parking lot. This area, which is not excavated, is part of the area where both the Byzantine Period Theodosius Port and the Neolithic settlement where the known history of Istanbul changed. While the archaeological excavation was not carried out, it was certain that the area of ​​culture was still continuing, and as of today (11 May 2013) it was started to be destroyed and destroyed. 63 of the Constitution. and it is a criminal offense to go beyond the framework of this framework. It is also unacceptable in terms of professional scientific ethics. All the national and international public opinion, especially the judiciary, universities, professional chambers and the press, must take action and stop this unlawful work. At a stage where the excavations are nearing the end of the excavations, the dozer descending the archaeological excavation site must be stopped without destroying an unknown period of thousands of years of cultural history of the country.

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