Paintings in a Train in Moscow (photo gallery)

Paintings on a Train in Moscow
It is not clear when you will encounter in Moscow. That's what happened today. While I was waiting to take a train on the dark blue line, the coming train surprised me. The exterior of the train was different from other trains. It was covered with floral patterns. "Hmm, what's that!" Then the real surprise was waiting for me inside. The seats were removed, the interior of the train was arranged like an art gallery, and paintings were hung on the walls. People read their books, although they must be accustomed to it, but I am interested in these paintings because I saw them for the first time. I want to take photos and share them with you. Nice idea isn't it? If you cannot go to the exhibition, the exhibition comes to your feet, the boring subway journey is colored. Speaking of boring subway travel, this may actually be the reason why people here read books on the subway. Since there is nothing to see around on long metro journeys, people are looking for something to linger, and the best solution is to read. In a sense, taking the subway is like a nice break to read a book in the rush of life.
Even though there are a few more stops from time to time to finish this section, I remember very well I remember the stairs and then I'm finished. It's gonna be a little gossip, but I'm a liar. Some people who have been in contact with the Russians, or who know Russian, have told me that most of these books are not serious books, they are either love or detective novels. But that doesn't really matter to me. No matter what people read, no matter what they read! The important thing is to acquire the habit of reading and reach the pleasure of reading books. Who knows, things change over time, even more sedated books can be switched, right?

It shouldn't be surprising to see these tables on these trains. Many subway stations of a country that is a work of art Stalin these subways, the public itself, to make you feel like your own palace in such a magnificent, put into a train to put a few paintings to actually mention a little light. Here is the platform on the dark blue line of the Kievskaya metro station, which I decided was absurd to be surprised at the moment when I got off the train and came to the platform.





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