Minikler Visited Antalya Rail System

Minikler Visited Antalya Rail System: Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Light Rail System Center, who visited the little students of Döşemealtı Sinem College 4-6 age received information about the system from the authorities.

Visiting Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Light Rail System Center, the young students of Döşemealtı Sinem College, aged 4-6, received information from the authorities.

The students visited the center with their teachers and officials and examined the workshop building, storage area and GPS control centers on site. Then the training room to the tiny visitors on the establishment of the rail system in Turkey, Antalya Light Rail System was followed by a cinevision contains the general characteristics and rules to be followed in the tram.

The little ones wished “good trips” with the radio announcement to all the passengers traveling from the GPS room to the line. Vatmans also responded to the students with a thank-you announcement. College students finally took a mini trip by tram in the warehouse area.

Source: UAV

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