Metrobus and fans disaster

Metrobus and fans disaster
There is a long queue at the metrobus stop. While passing through the turnstile, the words 'Metrobus empties the flow like a hose' draws attention. Then we start to move forward, queuing where the metrobus will stop, and trying to calculate the place where the metrobus door will open. If the calculations are wrong, especially for home, work, wedding, meeting ... If it is late, the discussions on "Be slow brother", "My sister, okay, we are late too" start. Especially young people say 'Solid matter is stuck', 'I forgot my humanity' when they get on the metrobus. Everything up to this point constitutes the metrobus disaster of state officials. The aftermath is fan disaster!


After a long wait, the arrival of a more empty metrobus makes everyone happy. Although we do not yet meet the metrobus journey like Vatan Şaşmaz, we are happy. How would we know that we were on the brink of disaster, that the 'empty' metrobus would come from our noses?

'We are riding together' a voice rises, although I can not see the person is disturbing the tone. After a short time we realize that this sound Galatasaray-Pınar Karşıyaka It was from the person who made cheerleading to the 10-15-person section of the yellow-red fan group watching the match. Empty metrobus does not escape this opportunity. As the cheerleader said, they all get on. On the one hand, there are cheers. Both Fenerbahçe and Beşiktaş people get their share of swearing. While I didn't understand what we were, the seats turned into drums and the songs of the years turned into curses. The music of the Hababam Class, spreading from ear to ear by Erkin Koray, 'I am tired of my troubles, I hope it will not come. One day, fate laughs at us too… 'The song with a chorus' Will not come back, I am tired of my troubles, illah. One day, ecstasy falls on us ... 'it happened. It is also very interesting that the two women standing next to me talk. 'If two people speak loudly, they will be warned, look at the events', 'Kissing is forbidden, main avrat swearing is free.' The friend with whom I travel with me said, 'If they are from Galatasaray, I am not. I am embarrassed to keep the same team 'will never go out of my mind.
The question of what happened, then the question came. Everything, like the beginning of the event, developed very fast. With the arrival of the sound of 'Here we go', everyone was delighted with the happiness of surviving the disaster with the least damage.

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