Trash roof in subway carriages

Trash roof in subway carriages
According to The Daily Telegraph, the metro company Ropid, the capital of the Czech Republic, Prague, does not want to serve the busy business and crowded city life only with the transportation it provides.

Ropid speaker Filip Drapal recently said, “We can read books, learn something new during our Metro journeys. Why not meet new people? Yeni he gave the first tips of the new project.

The project, which was developed for singles in the city, aims to ensure that some wagons are lar single,. Thus, it is aimed to create a meeting environment for singles who do not have the opportunity to meet new people and who use the metro for transportation every day.

The metro used by 600 million people every year is the easiest and most common way of transportation in Prague. According to the Tyden newspaper survey, 46 of the people living in Prague supports this idea. However, the number of people who stated that this was an absurd idea was the same.

Ropid officials have indicated that there is no consensus on which wagon and how often to do this, and the project is considering the implementation of this project as part of a long-term plan that will lead more people to public transport to solve the problem of narrow streets and parking.

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