Historical Day in Marmaray 1 August

marmaray trains
marmaray trains

Historical Day in Marmaray August 1: The Marmaray Project, which is described as the "Project of the Century" and started to be built in 2004, is coming to an end. A test drive is planned for 95 August in Marmaray, whose construction works are completed around 1 percent. Marmaray Regional Manager Haluk İbrahim Özmen stated that Marmaray is a project with 3 stages and that the works continue very intensely in the first stage of the project.

In order to be able to take the system into operation in October 29 about the work done to explain the Ozmen, said the system will make the day before that date.

Stating that the railway strait tube crossing project is planned on a 13,6 kilometer route, Özmen said, “There are 5 stations on this route. In addition, our drilling tunnel in the sea section on this route is 1,4 kilometers and the other section is 9,8 kilometers long, ”he said.

Özmen, as of today, almost all the construction work is completed by drawing attention to the stage, continued as follows:

“Only in Sirkeci, structurally local construction works continue partially. Apart from this, all structural work has been completed. Architectural fine and electromechanical works continue in the station areas and tunnel works of the system. The stage we have reached in terms of electromechanical works is 90 percent. The stage we have reached in average architectural works in all stations is approximately 95 percent. We achieved an improvement of about 95 percent for the overall construction. "


Haluk Ibrahim Ozmen, as of the end of May, the completion of all the electromechanical works at the stations and then immediately planned to switch to equipment testing studies, he said.

Explaining that the line works are finished, Özmen said, “The rails were laid. Scissors placement work was completed a little later. As of now, the stage we have reached in line works is at the level of 99 percent. In addition to this, the cabling works, catenary and installation works related to the electrical and signaling works of the system continue. Our goal is to complete all these works by the end of July, to bring the vehicles that will work in the system on the line on 1 August and to start test drives. We are working in this direction ”gave the information.

Expressing that the production of 365 vehicles has also been completed, Özmen said, “Some of the vehicles are in the Haydarpaşa and some in the Edirne gare area. Our fleet of 35 vehicles is being prepared for test drives. Signals and other necessary equipment are placed on it. After these, we will renew some tests and we will place the vehicles on the line as of the beginning of August and start test drives ”.


Özmen, the system needs to supply large amounts of energy in the said stating, the system is given the purpose of energy, he said. Özmen said that the necessary connection agreements were made for the energy supply and that the relations with the institutions such as TEİAŞ, BEDAŞ and AYEDAŞ came to the last stage and that no one was seen at the moment.

Stating that they have done the work required for the target date of August 1, Özmen said, "I hope, we will start the test drives as of the beginning of August, we will make the system ready for operation on October 28 and take Marmaray into operation on October 29," he said.

Emphasizing that thousands of people work in the project so far, Ozmen, as of today, approximately 1500 people work in the project, this can be decreased and increased from time to time according to the intensity of the work, he said.

Remains that the foundation of Marmaray was laid in August 2004 year, Özmen said that they were considering to put Marmaray into operation in April of 2009, but the works were extended due to the prolongation of the archaeological works between Yenikapı and Sirkeci.


Marmaray Regional Manager Haluk İbrahim Özmen, Gebze-Söğütlüçeşme and Kazlıçeşme-Halkalı by covering the period between, Gebze-Pendik between the studies started in April last year was passed.

Expressing that they closed the existing lines to operation and completely dismantled the infrastructure and superstructure of the old lines, Özmen said, “Intensive work continues on this route. Excavation and filling works and the construction of structures such as art structures, bridges, culverts and stations continue rapidly. We are in an effort to train one of the lines, the line planned for intercity trains, to October 29th. Although the deadline for this is late, we have set such a goal and we are working towards achieving this goal. Kazlıçeşme-Halkalı The section between was closed to operation as of March 1. In this episode, we have removed the lines, ”he said.

Ozmen, Halkalı said that the construction work in the region, on the route in the coming days, excavation, fill, bridge, culvert and similar work will begin.

Haluk Ibrahim Ozmen, Pendik-Sogutlucesme the region between the next month will be closed, dismantling and construction work will be announced.

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