Marmaray and speed train 2 bin 500 will build marina marina

Marmaray and speed train 2 bin 500 will build marina marina
Istanbul's old resort (cottage) of Bayramoğlu 2 500 thousand yachts capacity, will be built one of Turkey's largest marina
Today, Bayramoglu is a neighborhood in the district of Darica in Kocaeli. Darıca Mayor Şükrü Karabacak districts want to stand out in X tourism, health and education ”, said that they support the construction of a marina 2.500 yacht in Bayramoğlu. According to the statement of President Şükrü Karabacak, tourism investments in the district are not limited to the marina. With the investment of 60 million dollars on the coast of Darica, Elit Group has started the construction of a hotel with 5 stars.

The King of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in Darica also has a land in 1984 where he bought the 100. The 35 of this land is arranged as green area and the king's land is 65. The land is still empty. For many years, the king of the UAE has died and this land belongs to the king's daughter.

When the king's daughter wanted to sell the land, Şükrü Karabacak said that they had visited the country and talked to two UAE ministers, whom he had appointed. He said: esi We will talk about the Bayramoğlu marina project since it will be easier to reach Marmaray and our district by high speed train. We told him he could do a hotel, a school or a hospital. They convinced and stopped selling the land. We also invited them to the marina tender. Onları Istanbul HalkalıThe suburban train lines starting from 's will extend from Marmaray to the bottom of the Bosphorus and reach Darıca. Also the fast train station is also near Darica. The Gulf Crossing Bridge is also passing by Darıca. The marina, motorway, bridge, Marmaray connected railway lines will increase the interest in the district. President Karabacak 160 thousand districts of the population of 300 thousand can go up. For this purpose, the agricultural region called Zeytinlik will be opened to a structure that is not too high. TMSF's 380 acres of land in the construction of large construction companies are demanding. President Karabacak 5-based residential district of the city with the conversion of buildings 8-10 can be converted into buildings, will not allow a higher building, he says.

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