Bridge Pier at Gebze Crossing of Marmaray Project collapsed 1 Worker Injured

📩 27/11/2018 16:17

Under the MARMARAY Project, 1 people were injured as a result of the collapse of the bridge during the construction of the bridge in the Gebze District of Kocaeli. A few seconds before the accident, the shift chief's warning that the construction would collapse saved the 12 worker.

The piers of the bridge, which will be located on the Gebze Institute of Technology, which forms part of the Gebze foot of the Marmaray Project, collapsed during the concrete pouring, unable to withstand the weight. A few seconds before the incident, 12 workers worked here, while the shift chief, who noticed the mobility on the pier, shouted, "Everybody get away from the scaffolding." All workers escaped within 3-4 seconds, but only 56-year-old Hasan Kumlu was injured when he did not escape. Kumlu was taken to Anadolu Health Center and treated. The works, which were interrupted for a while, will continue after the ruins are cleaned.

Source: NEWS FX

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