Malatya Wagon Repair Factory is going to prison

Malatya Wagon Repair Factory is going to prison
Drawing tender was held for the application projects related to the transformation of the idle Wagon Repair Factory (VOF) in Malatya into a semi-open prison.

While it is owned by the Ministry of Transportation, the transfer of a certain part of its land to the Sümer Holding, which was first transferred to the Ministry of Finance and then transferred to the Sümer Holding in order to be included in the ın privatization lığı, was approved by the Prime Ministry Privatization Administration (PA). It was learned that the tender for the implementation projects of transforming the workers' locker building and dining hall to the open penitentiary institution of the Wagon Repair Factory was made by the Technical Affairs Department of the Ministry of Justice on 24 May 2013 and the drawing of the project was started.


AK Party Malatya Deputy Öznur Çalık's statement that 'We have decided not to turn the Wagon Repair Factory (VOF) into an open prison' and the Ministry of Justice's drawing of the semi-open prison project for the factory area revealed the dilemma between the 'Ministry and the Deputy'. Regarding the issue, former AK Party Malatya Deputy Ali Osman Başkurt said that the Wagon Repair Factory should be a food and business center, not a prison. Başkurt said, '' It is a betrayal to Malatya to make a prison a place that should be a food and business center. Whoever caused this, or any deputy, is betraying Malatya. ''


Wagon repair factory 24 for years after waiting to be converted to prison after being converted to CHP Malatya MP Veli Ağbaba, ik This is the best indicator of the government's view of the world. The shortest way to the non-producing state found the prison in prison. Üretim Noting the occupancy rates in prisons, Ağbaba said, doldur Those who fill the prisons are trying to make the factories in prison for not finding a place. 8 personality wards 20 other than what would be expected from the mentality that people placed? X said.


In his assessment regarding the Wagon Repair Factory, the then Governor Ulvi Saran on 16 July 2011; “Currently, its land is estimated to be 20-25 Million TL and the price of the factory area has increased to 40-50 Million TL with the structure on it, the biggest reason why there are no suitors to sell. Nobody wants to invest by taking a place close to these numbers. Officials of a Polish firm will arrive soon. We advised them to make long term rentals. An investment of at least 20-30 million dollars will be made, at least a thousand people will work. In addition to the Polish firm, a consortium of 5 businesses and the Special Provincial Administration will take part in the long-term lease project. We plan to transfer the Wagon Repair Factory to the Special Administration and put it into operation by leasing. " he said.

In January 2012; Jia Shirui, General Manager of the China State Railway Manufacturers and Exporters Association (CNR), and his entourage came to Malatya to examine the Wagon Repair Factory, while the governor of the period, Ulvi Saran, was stated that the Chinese delegation would report their decisions later.

The Wagon Repair Factory area in Malatya, which could not be sold for many years and did not claim to be privatized, was changed to Industry and Storage Area in the zoning plan organized by the Privatization Administration in July of this year. Justice and Development Party Malatya Deputy Ömer Faruk Öz stated that this zoning change in the area of ​​the Wagon Repair Factory is not a new situation and said, “Another 11 decares of land belonging to the Treasury joined the area of ​​the Wagon Repair Factory. I met with the Privatization Administration. By including this area, the zoning status has been regulated once again and the arrangement does not contain a new situation, it is only an increase in area. he said.

Within the scope of Malatya program last month, Minister of Justice Sadullah Ergin and his delegation together before going to the field of Wagon Repair Factory by reviewing the land here, received technical information on the project. Again within the month the Privatization High Council; 141 island in the area of ​​Wagon Repair Factory, 13 square meter in 78.631,42 parcel 3 million 148 thousand TL Raner Construction Industry and Trade Ltd. Ltd. Şti.

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