Malatya Trambus tender filed complaints

A contract was made by the firm for a recent contract of the trambus system, which Malatya Municipality decided to use for urban transportation.

22 in Malatya Municipality service building Beydağı meeting hall on April 2013, under the chairmanship of Deputy Mayor and Tender Commission President Alican Bozkurt “Supply of Trambus Vehicles and Related Power Supply, Catenary, Control, Signalization and Communication Equipment (Assembly Included)” Bozankaya 19 million 784 thousand 930 by the company. Indeks company, which entered the tender, threw the offer as empty. The tender was held on the same day in Istanbul-based Erata Yapı Elektromekanik San. ve Tic. Inc. by the Public Procurement Authority (GCC). Following the application of the firm to the JCC, it was learned that the preliminary examination report was issued and the following decision appeared:
''Complaint petition and preliminary survey report has been examined. In the application petition, despite the fact that the work carries the quality of construction work, it is stated that there are tenders in the form of procurement of goods, there are regulations in the tender document limiting the participation in the tender, the tender should be canceled and two separate tenders should be made by separating the needs. In the first paragraph of Article 4734 of the Public Procurement Law numbered 54 aday Applications for tenders başvur, the applicants, bidders and those who may be willing to claim that they have suffered a loss or loss due to unlawful acts or acts in the tender process. and that the complainant may apply for a complaint. Article 55 of the aforementioned law, entitled inci Complaint application to the Administration ğı, states: ğı From the day following the date on which such transactions or actions should have been recognized or notified by the allegation of unlawfulness of the transactions or actions in the tender process, (a) The contracting entity shall be lodged within five days of the tenders in accordance with the sub-paragraphs and in the other in ten days and before the signing of the contract. The period of the applications for the matters in the province from the first announcement date, the prequalification or other provisions of the tender document not reflected in the announcement shall start on the date of purchase of the document. Complaints relating to the advertisement, prequalification or tender document may be made no later than three working days before the deadline or deadline for submission of the deadline m…, the seventh paragraph of Article 21 of the Communiqué on Applications for Tenders In the 4 article of the Law, it is stipulated that complaints regarding the announcement, prequalification or tender document can be made no later than three working days before the deadline or deadline for submission in the first paragraph of the said article. Accordingly, the latest of complaints;
a) On the previous Tuesday in the tenders for which the contract or deadline is Monday,
b) on the previous Wednesday in the tenders for which the contract or deadline is Tuesday,
c) On the previous Thursday, the tenders or deadlines shall be
ç) Tender or deadline for the auctions on Thursday, the previous Friday,
d) Tenders or deadlines must be made on Friday until the end of working hours on the previous Monday. However, if there are national holidays or general holidays within the three working days before the date of the tender, account must be made on the working days by taking into account these days in the account of the time. Içerisinde In the examination conducted, it was understood that the deadline for the complaint filed by the tenderers on the 22.04.2013 Monday was the deadline for 16.04.2013 on the previous Tuesday, and the complainant applied to the administration on 17.04.2013. In this respect, the application shall be rejected in due time in accordance with the paragraph (c) of paragraph 4734 of 54. For the reasons explained, it was decided unanimously to reject the application, in accordance with the 4734 of the Law No. 65.

The result of the tender, which includes the cost of the 49 million 193 thousand 904 pounds and the delivery of the 10 trambus at the 330 stage during the 3 days, will be announced after the examinations.

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