Low Sugar Turkish Coffee in High Speed ​​Train

Low Sugar Turkish Coffee in High Speed ​​Train
Tuncay Neyişçi, based on the discourse of Dr. Mehmet Öz on Greek Coffee; brings the subject to the Antalya-Konya High-speed train project and tourism accounts. Here is a thought-provoking and controversial horizon tour.

To what extent are we right to be angry with Mehmet Öz and set our hearts?
Didn't we break Turkish coffee before him in the face of expresso and instant coffee in the beginning? Tomorrow we will face a similar situation for the Turkish bath.

Let's go on a three-step mythology tour about our Antalya leg.
Years ago, I used a similar title at an international tourism symposium organized by Akdeniz University School of Tourism and Hotel Management; “Harem-Selam on Orient Express”.

"Orient Express" 19. Istanbul in the middle of the century, hence Turkey's Paris, so France's equivalent to two, with words we like to use the brand city, that country, "Harem-Hi" if the original difference to our (eastern lifestyle and Islamic culture were used as metaphors for reference. Today in Paris a year 30 France if 80 million tourists concedes whereas Istanbul 10 Turkey remain at 35 million, Turkish coffee instant coffee to forfeit convicted, Turkey was defeated in the face of Bath Spa, all our tourist facilities Is it reached its objective statement they are equipped with foreign names?

Nowadays there is an attempt to rewrite a twenty-year-old story in Antalya, the train. With a difference, as the speed-increased YHT. In the same years, another issue that tourism professionals in Antalya saw as the most important problem and asked for contribution from every authorized person who visited Antalya was the development of the highway between Antalya and Alanya. This route was developed as a result of these demands based on the basic reason that the transfer of tourists from the airport to Alanya takes a lot of time. In fact, this problem was one of the main reasons behind the construction of the airport in Gazipaşa. However, can it be said that the problem was solved even though Gazipaşa airport was also put into service?

Remember, the development of the sea transportation between Antalya and Kemer in order to contribute to tourism was not the recommendations of almost all official and non-governmental organizations, especially the tourism opinion leaders?

Boats received by paying large sums are resting at the marina even as a single passenger has not carried. Gazipaşa Airport, which has been opened for service by paying big money, has been abandoned to be almost idle. Antalya-Antalya highway was opened to service, but at the speed of tourist transfers was the smallest improvement?

Projects that can be taken without paying multi-dimensional and multi-dimensional analysis on the basis of local and local conditions and paying large sums without the necessary lessons from similar experiences should not be recommended or recommended.
The most simple and simple, the entrance of the accommodation facility of the vehicles, people and loads the easiest and fastest entry-exit, can not be designed to allow the loading-unloading of a sector solution can not solve the problem, such as the search can not solve the problem.

Aside from the problems related to sea voyages in a wavy sea, parallel to the coastline, it is also incompatible with the opinion of the opinion of the sea to rank the merits in an area where there are relatively inexpensive and fast transportation opportunities where you can get up and down every fifteen minutes.

Despite the adjacent Kayseri airport (just 45 minutes away), trying to prove the necessity of the airport to Gazipaşa without analyzing what the construction of an airport brings to the tourism of a world brand such as Nevşehir does not comply with the concept of opinion leadership.

I am as sure as my name, Antalya-Ankara, Antalya-Konya, etc., where all official civil opinion leaders agree. YHT project will not give the expected, longed-for result. In Italy, which is visited by 45 million people, most of whom are individual tourists annually, a project that can be realized without analyzing the contribution of the train to tourism and paying big money without comparing the competition possibilities with alternatives, and without having an idea about the fate of the previous proposals, the opinion leadership risks turning into a defeat leader.

For the first time from Antalya will be held in Konya if sugary least they show the subtleties put the menu Turkey (see "Turkish coffee" We have to say, even in Turkey) I would like to sip my coffee, this trip me and my country, my country's tourism (domestic or foreign) escapes Taking into account the possibility that the thought that it is and will be cost might upset me ...


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