Northern Iraq Railway Project is Ready

Turkish State Railways (TCDD) General Director Süleyman Karaman, the world will be held until xnumx'y 2020 trillion dollars to get a share of the investments we need to improve ourselves that specifying said: "This can only be the liberalization of the railways. The private sector should now be able to do so. Because, when the railway infrastructure develops, the surrounding countries will start to invest. We're gonna get a share. There is a freight charge approaching 1 billion dollars between East and West. If we take the 75 of this, the railways will be saved. Bun

. North Iraq project is ready, approval process is expected,. Said Karaman. Thus, goods from Basra will be moved directly to Europe. Dan Karaman, said the approval process will end up to three months. You have a direct line to Turkey from northern Iraq noted that Karaman, "but we can go there via Syria. If we put this line into practice, there's going to be a concentration. We need to put this deal into effect. Then the goods will be transported directly from Basra to Europe. Nusaybin'e transfer center will do, '' he said.

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