2 of the cone. The last situation in the Train Station

2 of the cone. The last situation in the Train Station
AK Party Konya deputy Mustafa Kabakci, 2. The project was accepted by the TS Idil Architecture, which received the tender for the railway station.

2 is one of the projects that returned to Konya snake story. An important step was taken in the Railway Station. AK Party Konya deputy Mustafa Kabakci, the project was prepared by the TH İdil Architecture firm has been accepted as approved.

It is stated that the works for the 2nd Train Station to be established in the area where the old wheat market is located have been intensified and that this investment will be made in Konya. kazanExplaining that they are making efforts for the relocation of the land, Kabakçı noted that with the approval of the project, expropriation works will begin in the region and construction will begin quickly after the expropriation.

Konya-Ankara and Konya Eskişehir High-speed train service with the start of the development of Konya-Istanbul voyages in the coming years with the commissioning of the Konya Railway will increase the burden of the Kabakçı, 2. The Railway Station said it would fill an important gap and that the Konyas would have a modern facility.

48 thousand 144 square meters in the area where the old Wheat Market is to be made, 2. Indicating that takes into Station 74 thousand 18 square meters of the project Mustafa Kabakci, the exact date determined although not expropriation and construction activities for the completion of the work will follow the subject to be completed as soon as possible, he added.

Turkey planned OF THE held the general 10 new station between the received forefront of Ankara and Konya station, Konya expropriation work for the station is expected to be completed this year and reportedly estimated to be completed within the year 2 the construction.

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  1. Hello there;

    The construction of the Ankara-Konya line took about 4 years. There is nothing else and it was put into service with a lot of deficiencies. It is said that about 4 trillion money has been spent on the station that is currently in service, now a second station will be built, let's see how many My brother, if you are going to build a new station from scratch, why didn't you tender it when the line was being built from the beginning. It's not a pity for all this cost.
    In my opinion, while the Ankara-konya line was being tendered, it should have been tendered in the Bugday market Yht station, the cockluhan ist renovation, the Kayacık YHT warehouse, the Kayacık logistics center and the Kayacık station. Thus, the Ankara-Konya line would have been built as a complex.