Thoughts on Konya Tram

Thoughts on Konya Tram
Konya Metropolitan Municipality has decided to continue with the existing tram tramcars new business, which is one of the leading municipalities in Turkey. In this context, 60, which is to be taken from Skoda, aims to provide a quality service to the people of Konya in terms of rail transportation with the new tramway.

which is one of many issues leading institutions as I said at the beginning of writing after the Konya Metropolitan Municipality of rail in the transport sector has adopted the place to yourself and Istanbul in Turkey has demonstrated the ability to provide services to incoming Konyalı the second rail line. The history of the Konya tram line dates back to the 1990s. Konya Tramway, which received many criticisms from the beginning of construction and construction of the route in the beginning, has been adopted by the public over the years and has become an indispensable urban transportation vehicle for the citizens of Turkey. Especially because it connects Selçuk University and Konya Intercity Bus Station with the city center, it has a special importance in terms of transportation for both the university students and the citizens coming to Konya from outside.

However, parallel to the increasing population of the city over the years, the intensity of the Konya Tramway line has increased and the duration of the journey has begun to be the subject of discussion. Konya tram line constantly criticized, especially by students who continue their education in terms of Selcuk University in Konya in Turkey's image it is not in a good location.

And how students can be explained in Istanbul is located approximately 2 hours a day just like friends spending to other cities in Turkey with a nominal density of traffic in a relatively comfortable ride on the tram line which in Konya, Ankara? (This distance in Turkey is currently in operation are the same length of rail lines 25- be taken in 30 minutes) This is considered to be renewed by all the people of Konya for reasons and Konya Metropolitan Municipality was mentioned at every opportunity the expectations in this direction has surprised everyone with a new tram acquisition. Because the Konya Tramway is the most simple system in the rail system literature called simple catenary system. This system, which is normal due to the date of construction, has not been renewed in any way over the years and it is desired to install new tram vehicles in this old system.

The purchase of the new tram is the equivalent of the people in Konya; The building is made of a gold-plated door inside a house that is ruined and dumped outside. This is a strange phenomenon, however, in how strange it is to operate new cars on an old and unrefined tram line by spending large sums of money.

Konya has no problems in terms of land use, and its geography is completely flat. It is still unfair for Konya to serve the citizens of the old system with a tram line.

A new system, similar to the LRT (light rail system) Aksaray-Yeşilköy Airport line, which is expected to be completely dismantled from the Konya Metropolitan Municipality and has an example in Istanbul, will be brought to Konya. kazanis to carry out its work. With such a system, both distances will be shortened and a railway line worthy of Konya and deserved by the people will be built.

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