Konya BRT project turned to snake story

Konya BRT project turned to snake story
A delegation from Konya Metropolitan Municipality went to Germany, Sweden and Switzerland to examine metrobus and metrobus lines.
Metrobus, which will solve the problems in urban transportation to a large extent, was among the election promises of Metropolitan Mayor Tahir Akyürek. It is claimed that the metrobus project was put on the shelf because the tender for the metrobus was launched in 2012 and there was no participant in the tender.

Alternative solution methods are being tried to overcome the problems in urban transportation in Konya. On the one hand, while the process related to new trams continues, on the other hand, promises made before the elections come to mind. One of these words was the establishment of the metrobus line, which is also included in the brochures that Konya Metropolitan Mayor Tahir Akyürek promised to vote from the voters in 2004 and inform the voters about the work to be done.

It turned out that the Konya Metropolitan Municipality was awarded the metrobus tender in 2012, and no company participated in the tender.



It was stated in Konya Metropolitan Municipality's parliamentary resolutions in 2007 that it would be sent to Germany, Belgium and Sweden for the examination and supply of metrobus vehicles to be used in the metrobus line. How the delegation examining the metrobus lines and metrobuses in the mentioned European countries prepared a report, why there was no study in the past 2007 years despite the studies on metrobus started in 6, why again no company participated in the metrobus tender in 2007, It was a matter of curiosity why the developments in the intervening period were not shared with the public in Konya despite the promise of metrobus in the 2004 election declaration.


The metrobus line, which was promised to the voters in 2004 and despite being studied in 2007 and the tender in 2012, came to 2013, but turned out to be a complete snake story. The people of Konya attributed the speaking of the metrobus to the inability to implement the previously mentioned light metro system prior to the elections, and interpreted the purpose of lowering the light metro from the agenda of the people of Konya. Now, it is said that the metrobus line should be brought to Konya immediately, but this should not turn into an election investment. Stating that the idea of ​​establishing a metrobus line in suitable places in Konya came to the agenda at certain times, citizens said, “Metrobus application was an application supported by Konya, since it was a study that could ease public transportation. Metrobus should start to be used without losing time in the main arteries and applicable points in the city. Metrobus was perhaps more important than the new trams to be bought. ”

On the other hand, some points in the city of the 1 time passed on the citizen's agenda is among the issues. The fact that the metrobus promised in the elections of the local administrations in 2004 did not bring about the fact that the promise given to the people of Konya meant that the promise was not kept in a certain way, Konya At that time, BRT was used as an election material. It was presented like a hush. It was a form of eye painting to cover the mouth of the people. The year was 2013, and the 6 has not done anything in the year. This reveals that there is no sincerity of what is being said iyet.

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