Konya artisans The new train station should not hurt us

Konya artisans The new train station should not hurt us
The first expropriation works started in the region where the new High Speed ​​Train Station to be built in Konya is located. In the region called the New Wheat Market, the value determined by the General Directorate of State Railways for the expropriation of the 222 workplace in the appraisal work led to great amazement in the region's tradesmen.

222 workplaces will be expropriated in the New Wheat Market, which is located in the center of the city, on important streets and tram line, surrounded by hospitals, shopping centers and living areas. The expropriation team of the TCDD General Directorate determined a value of 400 TL per square meter for the expropriation of the area in question after the works in the region. However, tradesmen and property owners state that the values ​​assigned to their workplaces are not rational. Tradesmen "Even in the remotest point of the city, land values ​​are more valuable than the value determined for our land." he reacted to the situation.


Muzaffer Yağcılar, one of the New Wheat Market craftsmen, who are right next to the High Speed ​​Train, said that he traded at the same place for about 40 years. Yağcılar, Konya's most remote and worthless area around the Aslım garbage, the square meters of land 400 TL pointed out that the attention. Transferred by the TCDD officials to assess the value of their work place, Yağcılar said that they had made an appraisal meeting with them. In My 183 worth 83 thousand TL for the workplace and building. I can not get the same sized workplace in this part of the city no money. What kind of a comparison didn't make sense. The building and land value of my work place is 410 thousand TL compared to the environmental precedents, but we are also willing to pay 350 thousand TL. İş

The workplace to be expropriated, one of the 222 tradesmen, Erdal Küçükbağrıaçık'ın 183 square meters workplace. Küçükbağrıaçık, surrounded by all the major streets of the city, surrounding the hospital and shopping centers such as shopping centers, the value given to the workplace is not equitable, he argued. Küçükbağrıaçık told that they are not against the construction of the garage., If we are good for the city and our nation, we will do our job elsewhere. But there is great injustice to trades here. The state can do it without hurting us. Abilir

Adnan Menderes Ünal, the representative of tradesmen selected by 222 tradesmen in the Wheat Bazaar, explained that Konya Metropolitan Municipality and the General Directorate of Highways had more suitable and wider lands for the construction of the station, and that they decided on the region where the Wheat Market is located. Saying that they are not against the construction of stations, Ünal said, “While the state has its own lands, which are more suitable for the construction of the station, the point where our workplaces are was chosen. However, there are much larger plots of land at zero distance from the railway, right next to the Highways and State Hydraulic Works (DSI). The state that does not use these opportunities expropriates our workplaces. Moreover, by appraising an unmistakable value. I don't think Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Binali Yıldırım is aware of this injustice. We are not against the construction of a station, but we should not be treated unfairly either. " He spoke in the form.


Artisan sözcüSü Adnan Menderes Ünal said that for the construction of the new train station, 'the decision of urgent expropriation by the decision of the Council of Ministers' was taken. Unal pointed out that the law in question was adopted in the defense of the country and in extraordinary situations and said, "Such a situation is out of question to expropriate our workplace. he expressed his reaction.

The urgent expropriation decision was previously taken with the decision of the Council of Ministers for the new train station to be built in order to better integrate the High Speed ​​Train into the transportation network in Konya. Article 27 of the Expropriation Law states the following about the conditions under which the decision of 'urgent expropriation by the decision of the Council of Ministers' can be taken:

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