Head rest on the seat ..! (Photo gallery)

Head rest on the seat ..!
High Speed ​​Train (YHT) with the construction of the people brought to the city in different places and increasing the number of victims continues. Izmit Korfez Neighborhood 42 Citizens who want to reach the station located on the D-100 highway and only to 5 meters away, 100 meters can be reached after walking the extra road, acrobatics movements and dangers.

The connection between the 42 Houses Railway Station and the D-100 highway was broken due to construction work. During the excavation in the deepening area of ​​water in the pit filled, citizens at the bottom of their noses to reach the public transport stop almost half marathon. Citizens crossing a long road, then broken through the guardrail and D-100 highway goes. Those who cannot pass through the guardrail have no other choice but to risk falling and jump over iron piles. After all these difficulties, people are able to reach the station.

The overpass on the D-100 road is opposite the new Governor's Complex, which is still under construction. People can access public transport vehicles from the overpass. However, the inhabitants of 42 Houses; In order to reach the station in front of the residents of the Körfez District, the authorities must find a formula to end this suffering. Even though temporarily, the YHT contractor should make a few steps to the pit and make people reach the station. In this heat should not be so tormented, they should be prevented from coming to the nose in danger.

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