Kazakhstan-Turkmenistan railway line opened

Kazakhstan-Turkmenistan railway line opened
The rails are in place in the Kazakhstan-Turkmenistan-Iran railway network project, which is called the North-South corridor of Central Asia. The railway line, which has a total length of 926 kilometers, was united by the border between Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan.
The opening ceremony of the line connecting the border between Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan was held today. Turkmenistan President Gurbanguli Berdimuhamedov and Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev opened the railway line of Bolaşak (Kazakhstan) - Serhetyaka (Turkmenistan).

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Kazakh Nazarbayev, the host, said he was very pleased to participate in the opening of a large project with historical significance for the two countries. Nazarbayev said that they have started the direct rail transportation between Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan and that the new road shortens the distance in freight transportation.

Kazakh leader Nazarbayev said that in the future they will work on transportation corridors that will connect Central Asia with the Middle East and Europe. Saying that they are competing with time in today's conditions, Nazarbayev said, “We save time and gain an important advantage in freight transportation competition. The Kazakhstan-Turkmenistan railway is an important transit corridor opening to the Persian Gulf. In 2007, we laid the foundation of this project. In 2009, we started construction works on the border with Kazakhstan and we completed the part up to the border with Turkmenistan. ”

In his speech, Turkmenistan President Gurbanguli Berdimuhamedov, who had contacts in Kazakhstan, said that this project is a symbol of friendship and brotherhood. Berdimuhamedov stated that such projects can be done by countries that are strong in terms of economy and who look to the future with confidence and stability.

The Bolaşak-Serhetyaka railway line is part of the railway network connecting Kazakhstan-Turkmenistan-Iran. This line will allow cargo to be transported to the Persian Gulf region. The line aims to transport wheat, oil and petroleum products. The load carrying capacity of this line will have 10 million tons per year.
The line, which will carry Central Asia to the Persian Gulf, is expected to complete the Iranian part. 146 kilometers of the railway line was built in Kazakhstan, 722,5 kilometers in Turkmenistan and 80 kilometers in Iran.

The Turkish company also took part in the project, which is vital for Central Asian countries. Net Yapı, a subsidiary of Türk Nata Holding, brought Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan together with the railway line. The Turkish company completed the 9 km railway line in Turkmenistan in 27 months.

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