The mosque and the cable car are coming to Izmir!

The mosque and the cable car are coming to Izmir!
Kemalpaşa Mayor Rıdvan Karakayalı said that there are mosque and ropeway projects for Kemalpaşa.

Izmir Kemalpasa, a modern mosque for the construction of the Municipal Assembly and the Metropolitan Municipality Council made a decision with the unanimous decision of the President approved the decision, Karakayalı said they wanted to implement the cable car project.

Karakayalı, cam One of the most important deficiencies of the Kemalpaşa district center is the absence of a modern mosque. However, the lack of parking in the district is the biggest problem. Citizens in the district center doing their job while leaving the roadside vehicles, which in turn leads to trouble in the direction of traffic. For this reason, we have decided to build a mosque in our district which we currently use as fire brigade and parking. The mosque to be built is 3 bin 500 m2. will be installed on an area. 2 bin 500 m2. space off. The lower two floors have been projected in the form of car park for approximately 100 vehicles. We intend to lay the foundation of the mosque construction as soon as possible. We also plan to build a ropeway to the mountain of Nif. It is a very costly project. Approx. 5 million TL. There is a cost around. We aim to make our own budget. If there is a contribution from the state for these projects, we can also say no Eğer.

Source: F5 News

Günceleme: 24/11/2018 12:07

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