111 million euro loan to İzmir

IZMIR Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu signed an 15 million Euro loan agreement with 3 passenger ship, 110.8 car ferry, new piers and maintenance-repair facilities with three different international financing institutions.

Kocaoğlu said in his speech before the signing ceremony that on 10 December 2012 they signed a 45 million Euro financing contract with IFC for the project related to the traffic management system and firefighting emergency response and on 30 April 2013 for the IZSU investments. This time, the world's different countries to members of the 28 development banks Kocaoglu, indicating that for the first time Izmir Metropolitan met for the Municipality in Turkey, "World Bank, international financial institutions (IFC) leadership will sign the 4 million euro loan for marine transportation development project. Underlining, I say that this loan was obtained without any guarantee and without guarantee. The total amount of financing provided to İzmir Metropolitan Municipality from the world's leading financial institutions in 110.8 months without any guarantees and guarantees of Treasury is 5 million 183 Euros. Within the scope of our project to strengthen sea transportation with today's contract, it includes 800 new and higher performance passenger ships, 15 car ferries and new piers and maintenance and repair units. ”


World and many country's credit rating in Europe is lowered, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality credit rating of Turkey, indicating that the same level with a wealth of credit rating Kocaoglu, the treasury said it was very important from this point of bail and unsecured find financing.

Expressing that the new ships are 2 times faster and less in fuel consumption than the existing ships, Kocaoğlu said, “We say that our chest is swollen. The Özata deployed in Yalova shipyard is making production using the technology we selected the first time in Turkey and ship supplies. The quality of the steamboat, ship industry, as well as Turkey opened a new era of being efficient in this respect. The hull of the first ship is ready. It's been 7-8 months since our business started. The tender process of the three-car ferry continues. Izmirians and Egelis will be served. 13 of the passenger ships will provide access to the inner gulf and 2 to the Güzelbahçe, Urla, Mordoğan, Karaburun, Foça and the middle and outer gulf. It is the latest technology in terms of fuel saving and carbon emission. A contribution to the work we do as the environmentalist municipality of İzmir will be provided here. When we took office, we were carrying 80-100 thousand people with the rail system. Today we carry 400 thousand people. We achieved less carbon emissions. The EIA report is at the final stage in the Körfez project. He will soon be visiting, swimming and fishing in the Gulf. ”

Source: Hürriyet

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