İZBAN Awarded Best Cooperation Award

İZBAN Awarded Best Cooperation Award
İZBAN, which was established with the partnership of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality and TCDD and started pre-operation on 50 August 30, was awarded a great award by the International Public Transport Association (UITP) in the "Best Cooperation" category on its journey as a "Tolerance and Synergy for İzmir" project. was deemed worthy. İZBAN, which won the first place in the international competition at the UITP World Congress held every two years, will be awarded with a ceremony to be held in Geneva on 2010 May 28.

with 92 thousand 3 members in 400 countries and UITP considered the most prestigious institutions of the public transport sector in the world "mass transportation Growth (Grow With Public Transport)" to put the contest this year in six categories from 40 countries to 240, and from Turkey participated in 18 projects. IZBAN, which was born from the union of the central government and local administration, was shown as an exemplary project to 92 UITP member countries thanks to this feature. Drawing attention with its innovations and pioneering applications in the rail system sector, İZBAN won this award by reaching 156 thousand passengers on a 200-year-old line carrying several thousand passengers per day, increasing the efficiency of the public transport pie in Izmir, and implementing a brand new management and financing model. it has played an important role in reducing the traffic density on the north-south line and being an example for projects such as Gaziray and Marmaray. Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu, held at the beginning of March, the Secretary General of UITP Public Transportation Conference in Turkey and Turkey Director Alain Flauschi Yıldızgöz to Kaan, participation in the contest gave the file itself.


Founded in 1885, the International Association of Public Transport (UITP), which consists of public transport operators from 92 countries, ministries, local administrations, industrial organizations, research centers, academicians and consultants, is the largest member of the public transport sector, with more than 3 organizations worldwide. has the distinction of being an establishment. UITP, headquartered in Brussels, has offices in Dubai, Moscow, Istanbul, Rome, Sao Paulo, Abidjan, Bangalore, Johannesburg, Hong Kong and Canberra.

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