Ispartaya Light Rail system recommended

Ispartaya Light Rail system recommended
The 1 / 25000 scaled Environmental Plan will be re-shaped with vital recommendations for Isparta. Gülşen Cengiz Bozkurt, the representative of the company that prepared the new plan, stated that Isparta was a protected province with lake resources. Bozkurt also proposed a plan in many areas ranging from the light rail system to the second organized industrial zone.

Isparta, which has previously been in the 1 / 100.000 scale Konya-Isparta Region Environmental Plan, is preparing to reach its new plan. Gülşen Cengiz Bozkurt, the representative of the company that prepared the new plan, told the Plan Review and Evaluation Commission yesterday about the changes. Meanwhile, the 1 / 25000 Scaled Environmental Plan aims to determine the land-use decisions that will assess the sectoral developments, such as urban and rural settlements, and industrial, agricultural, tourism and transportation developments, in order to ensure sustainable development in the 2033 target year. In this sense, the first meeting of the 1 / 25000 scale Environmental Plan was carried out yesterday. In the meeting, the new plan to the commission describing Gülşen Cengiz Bozkurt, touched important points. Bozkurt said that it is very important to examine the draft plan and said: landa What kind of a plan we have followed and what kind of a plan we have created will explain them. This is our first meeting. We will do the second meeting together with your criticism and suggestions. 1 / 25000 scaled plans are physical plans. Here, we have considered the villages as a rural residential area, city center, districts and towns as urban settlements. As you know, according to the latest census, 30 became a village in Isparta. We have also considered these places as rural settlements.


Let's see how a Isparta emerged; Isparta is a province that has lake resources and is under protection. The 72 village and 5 in the north are protected by special provisions. It seems that Isparta is in a special position and protected because of its water resources. Görün


On the other hand, Bozkurt stated that they prepared separate plans for each district for their urban and rural development plans. In addition, with the arrival of the Black Aviation School in the town of Gonen 10 thousand people with the future of the public establishment area in this district are our proposals. On the other hand, we have an agricultural business plan proposal which is integrated to Atabey, Keçiborlu, Uluborlu and Şarkikaraağaç districts. We also offer storage space in Gelendost, Senirkent, Uluborlu and Egirdir. We also offer a touristic facility in Egirdir. Finally, we have a social technical background (education, health, etc.) in Atabey, Gönen, Keçiborlu, Uluborlu and Sütçüler districts.


We have a light rail system between Süleyman Demirel University and the city center. In addition, some areas of Isparta have a plan for urban development.


We have a great industry offer to Gönen District. For example, the second Organized Industrial Zone can be established in this district. We have foreseen them for Isparta and we made our plan recommendations accordingly. This was our first meeting. Our second meeting, 19, will be held in June. We will distribute our draft to you 31 We will receive your suggestions, comments and comments until May and we will have a stronger meeting with the second meeting. We'il do the main meeting. We want to make an efficient planning for Isparta. Is


In the meantime, the Plan Review and Evaluation Commission was established with the people selected from all public and organizations. The Commission will present its proposals and criticisms until May. When the Plan Review and Evaluation Commission reaches the final result for the draft plan, a general meeting will be held with the participation of Ministries, all public institutions and organizations, Chambers and Civil Society Organizations at the date determined by the Special Provincial Administration.

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