It is important not to pass the high speed train, but to be in Düzce.

It is important not to pass the high speed train, but to be in Düzce.
Semih Cyprus, the President of the Association of Flatland Society of Ankara, the high speed train from Düzce to pass by the station in Düzce is important, he said.
Cyprus, t When we brought the high-speed train into the agenda, the first route was not Düzce. We had explained the fact that Düzce had a high-speed train line from Düzce to Düzce. In the preliminary study project called Preliminary Design, we have announced that the new route is Ankara, Sincan, Çayırhan, Ayaş, Beypazarı, Nallıhan, Mudurnu, Düzce, Gölyaka Saçmalıpınar, Sakarya, Kocaeli and İstanbul. We are very happy that this high speed train line is passing through our village of Saçmalıpınar while we are talking about you. Here we are interested in moving to the agenda of the train from Düzce, not the passing of the station is in Düzce. The important thing for Ciddi and Duzce is that if we want to be able to make a clear statement in a clear and straightforward way, the high-speed train line from Saçmalıpınar passes, even if it passes from the top, the tunnel, or even under the ground. outside we saw many instances call underground metro stations can be done in the style. the prestige of the state policy on the real important government policies, projects vibe to leave Duzce, Turkey are the major projects attracting the attention of the world through the eyes of acclaimed world much further. Turkey increasing interest in our project are very important. The capital of the Republic, Ankara, the capital of the Ottoman Empire 350 km / hour 1 hour 20 will be taken in minutes, people-oriented, country-oriented project in this project, people, NGOs, proxies, mayors, not flattened but the hearts of Düzce we should try to ensure that the only station designed and designed is not in Sakarya but in Düzce. We will go to the station at 1 every hour, 2 hour, we go to the destination, we will go to the station from Duzce, not the number of Düzceli is not less than Ankara and Istanbul people from Duzce to provide, from now on to the economy of the alternative to those who contribute to our economy Providing that the path of the Duzce by offering the service is an important factor that will affect the decisions of those who come to the new, hizmet he said.

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