Fast train line left peasants victimized

Fast train line left peasants victimized
In the villages along the high-speed train crossing route, the division of agricultural land due to the train line left the villagers victimized. The people of the region, the problem is known to the authorities, but argued that the solution did not find.

High Speed ​​​​Train Line serving between KONYA and Ankara kazanAs much as the countless blessings it brings, the inability of those concerned to see the future during the construction of the train line causes various problems to continue.

Along the high-speed train line between Konya and Ankara, many villages were divided in half. The sitting areas of the villages were on one side, and the fields and pastures remained on the other side.

The same problem was experienced in Sarıkaya and Örnek villages of Kadınhanı District, where the high-speed train passed, while the people of the region argued that they were not driven by high-speed train underpasses for safety.

Residents, the Minister of Transport, Minister of Food, Agriculture and Livestock and the residents of Konya stated that they had written a petition for the solution of the problems they faced, and that there were two villages and three large highlands in the area, and about 180 thousand decares of fields and 100 thousand decares of pasture.

The people of the high-speed train line divided into two halves of the land, said: belirten Settlements on one side of the agricultural areas and pasture remained on one side. You can estimate the main roads in the village. And we had informed the authorities before and during the construction of the railways that we needed for these roads. Emerging technology and increasing needs never remain stable. More than 30 varieties of wheat are produced in Konya basin. Second crops and oil plants are also produced and also made in livestock. The stalk of some plants is valuable from the product. Green lentils are also produced in our village, both grain and straw are valuable. We've got to transport the green lentils to the raft. Because of the railway, the citizen is unable to process the green lentils he has planted. Because, despite all our warnings and applications, the passage of green lentils was not made. Both wheat and stalk of the wheat called Esperia are extremely valuable for cattle. When the field crop grows, it has to be harvested immediately. Both the grain is poured and the stalk of the crop dries out of no good. Come on, you can't cross a combine harvester to reap this precious crop. Can not go on the asphalt road according to the traffic rules while the tray is attached. Other crossings are not already crossed. Otherwise, the farmers are not allowed to profit from the crop was taken as a measure. Ul


Noting that the authorities have explained this situation for years, the villagers said, dı The Minister of Agriculture has been told many times to the Minister of Transport, all the members of the Konya MPs have news, including power and opposition. Dear Governor and District Governor has news. Humidity was done? TCDD prohibited the passage of passageways from the viewpoint of life and property security. So you can't go to your field by using the passages within our village borders. You can't pass the sheep and the cattle. There's no crossing with your tractor. When you pass, you have to give testimony to the gendarmerie units which ensure the security of the line. Those who do not believe may come and see. There is no place where we do not apply as written or paraphrased. 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 has sucked the nose of the peasants since the milk. When we said that the passageways were not suitable during the construction of the railway, it was called the Prime Minister's instructions for the end of the work. Job done. Deficiencies are not resolved. Or, Mr. Prime Minister 'the peasants do not see the job do not see,' he instructed. Or 'do you stop the animals to graze' he said. Did he tell me he got rich coins to go to the poor field? We have repeatedly applied to the agriculture ministry. Nothing was done. Or is it not the task of the Ministry of Agriculture in agriculture? Yoksa


The public said that they wondered why the underpasses, which were said not to be used and which were said to pose a danger to the safety of their use, were made. Why are we accidentally exposed to danger? Why is it unnecessary for the state to make money? If we do not use these passages, then we are banned from crossing. The soldiers who are the sons of the motherland are asked to be brought against the citizen. A shepherd or a crime to make a living? Mistake the field. If not, are we a second-class citizen? I wonder if we squeal like Roman slaves, then will our deputies care? Even if existing passages are available, none are available. That's why we can't graze our sheep. We can't process our field. We can't do business with our vehicles. Konya is insensitive to remain with the deputies of all the authorities are waiting to be done if we are not halal to anyone who receives our salary from our taxes, Konya they said.

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