Earthquake Damaged Home Owners Concerned at High Speed ​​Train Line (Photo Gallery)

Earthquake Damaged Home Owners Worry In High Speed ​​Train Line
While the studies for the High Speed ​​Train (YHT) Project, which will work between ISTANBUL and Ankara, to be completed for the Republic Day on October 29 this year, new rails compatible with high speed were started to be installed on concrete traves in some sections. However, the citizens in the settlement where the line will pass, said that it is not known how the high-speed train will affect the houses on the side of the railway, which were damaged and repaired in the 17 August 1999 earthquake, and they were worried that they were not informed about this.

In Kocaeli, which is a very important transit route in terms of both highway and railway due to its position as the bridge connecting Istanbul to Anatolia, train services were completely stopped in February 2012 due to the High-speed Train Project works. Old lines were dismantled and new culverts and bridges were built on the railway line, which was previously used by thousands of employees and students from Istanbul, Kocaeli and Sakarya every day. On the line, which is still being worked on, concrete traves were placed at some points and special rails on which high-speed trains were started to be installed. Within the scope of the project, which is tried to be completed on October 29, the installation of the rails on concrete traves between Gebze and Izmit, whose infrastructure works have been completed, continues at full speed.


All of this, while the railway crossing the city of Izmit cross-country citizens who have a long-awaited waiting. 17 August 1999 Arzu Ataman, one of the citizens who said that their buildings were damaged during the Marmara earthquake and that the damaged buildings were rebuilt and strengthened, expressed the concern:

“As residents of the neighborhood, we were not informed about high speed trains. We experienced the 1999 Marmara earthquake. Our buildings were damaged. How fast will this train pass, and will our buildings withstand the shock of this? Will there be a lot of noise also? We want the authorities to inform us. You are worried about these matters. Our children will approach the trains and is there any danger of falling on the train track? We are looking for answers to many questions like this. "


The residents of the neighborhood as a lot of difficulties in the scope of the YHT Project says that the head of the Republican District Mustafa Yaman said:

“We have suffered a lot in high speed train work. We have overpass problems. The railroad must be implemented as soon as possible. Our students coming and going from Istanbul, Adapazarı and Izmit will also relax. We had serious difficulties during this period. Students, disabled people, our elderly people had difficulty crossing the other side of our neighborhood. Heavy-tonnage trucks left the neighborhood in mud and mud.

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