Hatayda Train Wreck: 3 Injured

Hatayda Train Wreck: 3 Injured
Adana-Sivas, the cargo train engaged in the crossing of the car crossed the level crossing. As a result of the accident, 3 was injured.

According to the statement made by the State Railways Administration, the 63301 freight train making the Adana-Sivas expedition and 31 UV 271 plate vehicles collided while the level crossing was closed to vehicle traffic. The accident that occurred at the fully protected and automatic level crossing occurred while the train was in motion.

Tarık Zorlu, Sedef Zorlu and Ateş Zorlu were injured and the wounded were removed to Osmaniye and Dörtyol State Hospitals. After the scene investigation of the gendarmerie teams opened to the road train traffic.

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