It is necessary to connect the railway to Giresunda

It is necessary to connect the railway to Giresunda
Hasan Çakırmelikoğlu, Chairman of the Board of Giresun Chamber of Commerce and Industry, drew attention to the importance of the transportation network in the economic and social development of Giresun.
Çakırmelikoğlu, President of TSO said, “We see that the development of regions connected to the sea, air, road and railway network is much more comfortable and fast. First of all, transportation is very important for the investor. The businessman attaches importance to the transportation of the product he produces and his own transportation. As there cannot be tourism in the region where there is no airway, it would be a dream to expect it to be at a high level in its manufacturing. However, seaways, roads and railways are much more important in manufacturing than air. As Giresun Chamber of Commerce and Industry, our struggle for 4 years is in this direction. For the development of Giresun, Tirebolu railway should be built. The railroad must be connected to the seaway (port) ”he said.


TSO President Hasan Çakırmelikoğlu said, “When this connection is realized, our region will have an important role model status in international transportation as well as local productions. This is the basis of our struggle as Giresun Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Erzincan-Gümüşhane-Tirebolu railway must be connected to the port. Since Giresun Port and Tirebolu Port will not be able to handle such a large tonnage of activity, it is absolutely necessary to build a new port between Tirebolu and Görele. Saying that there is a port in Giresun is not sufficient for international transportation. It should be emphasized that these projects will not only contribute to the development of our province, but also have a positive impact on the gains of our region and our country. As a result, as the Gümüşhane-Tirebolu railway route is a natural basin for our country, it also creates a need for an international port between Görele and Tirebolu.

Another important pillar of the transportation network is the highway; Giresun Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GTSO) President Hasan Çakırmelikoğlu, who pointed out that Giresun has serious problems in the interior connections compared to the Black Sea Duble Road; In It is necessary to improve the standards of Tirebolu Torul road and take the status of first degree road in the highways network by Giresun-Dereli-Şebinkarahisar road which is the most convenient and shortest connection way to Giresun and East Black Sea. It is a fact that the transportation networks, which do not have the first status road in the highways network, are not considered as rantable. In this regard, besides the improvement of Giresun Dereli highway standards, which are still under construction, it is necessary to take the Eğribel Tunnel to the 2014 investment program and also to improve the Dereli-Şebinkarahisar road standards. Likewise, Tirebolu Torul road standards, which are one of the bleeding wounds of our province, should be improved and the degree of road network should be increased. It should be remembered that these two main artelas that provide connection to the Black Sea and the inner regions are not only Giresun, but also the important transition areas of our region and our country. Karad

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